Fondue Parties and Fresh Fruit Arrangements

Let us host you next staff party, we accommodate up to 80 people and provide vegan and gluten free options.

$47 per person includes all 4 courses;

1st course: Your choice of soup or salad

2nd course: Your choice of cheese fondue served with apples, French baguettes and vegetables to
dip. Choice of 1 cheese per cooktop.

3rd course: Choice of cooking methods; hot rock, oil or broth. Includes shrimp, teriyaki filet
mignon, farmer sausage, pork tenderloin, chicken breast and perogies. We bring up 5 homemade
sauces, roasted potatoes and vegetables to cook as well.

4th course: Your choice of chocolate fondue; Dark, Milk, White, Butterscotch, Turtle, Mocha,
Coconut and dozens of more combinations. We bring up fruit and rice krispies to dip into your
chocolate fondue selection. Choice of 1 chocolate per cooktop.

We can also do cheese &/or chocolate for $20 per person.

During the week if your party costs $1000 or more you receive an additional 10% off in gift
cards. Fondue Parties receive Fresh Fruit Arrangements at Corporate Rates 20-50% off. Can be placed
on table &/or used as door prizes. For more info please refer to our website